The Baccarat System Tester can save the play tons of money by pretesting a strategy        Baccarat SystemTester  
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Create winning baccarat gambling systems with the Bac Tester.

80,000 Actual Baccarat Decisions  
Baccarat System Tester  
by Eric St. Germain  
The Baccarat System Tester is a one-of-a-kind baccarat strategy development baccarat systems testing book containing 1000 "Actual Baccarat Casino Dealt Baccarat Shoes".  The Baccarat System Tester provides over 80,000 baccarat hands of accurate non-computer generated baccarat data for the serious baccarat systems player.  Suggestions on baccarat research methodology, Baccarat record keeping instructions, and baccarat record keeping charts enclosed. Baccarat  Dealing Template provided to assure accurate baccarat testing results.  
277 pages 
 8 1/2 x 11 format opens flat. 
An essential tool for creating a winning Baccarat strategy!
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