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The Craps player's must have system tester 

Craps System Tester  
by Eric St. Germain  
Will the Craps system hold up? Find out with the Craps System Tester BEFORE you get to the Casino Craps table!  Save MONEY! 35,000+ Actual as Vegas Craps Casino Rolls... 300+ Actual hours of live craps play in the Craps System Tester. Real Craps Decisions are presented in the Craps System Tester in a multi-use format.  Craps charts give actual craps numbers, craps hardways, and craps line decisions. This Craps System Tester is used by professional Craps gambling system developers. Save thousands of dollars by developing your winning craps strategy with the Craps System Tester.  Other charts include streak counts, deviation and distribution.  Professionally published 296 pages 8 1/2 x 11 opens flat.   
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