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The casino roulette player's most valuable gambling tool 

Roulette System Tester  
by Eric St. Germain 
This Roulette System Tester book is long awaited by roulette players.  15,000 Actual Casino Roulette Spins of the roulette wheel.  The Roulette System Tester is formatted for all the possible roulette bets: straight-up roulette numbers, red roulette numbers, black roulette numbers, odd roulette numbers, even roulette numbers, top roulette numbers, bottom roulette numbers,  roulette dozens and roulette columns. Roulette System Tester summary charts for every thousand roulette spins and for the entire roulette run are provided.  The Roulette System Tester format facilitates speedy roulette system testing.  This Roulette System Tester book can save the roulette player enormous time and money.  

304 pages 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 opens flat.

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