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A Professional Gambler's Guide to Winning  
by John Patrick  
Casino space allotted to poker 
games has expanded considerably 
since days when the poker saloon 
occupied a small back corner. 
Casinos in Nevada, Atlantic City, 
and on the Riverboats now offer 
more and more poker tables for 
enthusiastic poker players. 
Casino Poker
is a book for anyone 
who has enjoyed a friendly game at 
home, yet wishes to test his skill 
against varied opponents. In casino 
poker the odds are the same as in 
poker played at home; the only 
difference is the house cut, which 
ranges from 5 percent of a pot to 
a fixed maximum. Players can enter 
and leave a game at will. This book 
introduces the inter-mediate player 
to the skills required to "know when 
to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, how 
to watch for "tells" in other players, 
and how to keep from offering a "tell" 
to your opponents. Skill, skill, skill, 
discipline, and money management 
will make you a consistent winner.  
This book will mentor you on all 
these points and more. 
Truly, one of John's best!


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