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NEW!! 100,000+ Actual Casino 
Single Zero Roulette Decisions
You Ask For It, Now Here It Is!
by Eric St. Germain  
The much awaited Single Zero 
Roulette Tester is here! Recorded 
with total accuracy by a major 
European Casino. This 
Roulette Eurotester is a 
book of numbers. Formatting 
is held to a minimum to 
allow this huge volume 
of decisions. Conversion charts 
are provided for easy 
self-formatting for testing a 
single or combination of bet 
possibilities allowed on the 
single zero table. This is not  
computer generated data. 
All decisions actually occurred 
and were accurately recorded 
at the casino. Data is grouped by date.

Paperback, 188 pages. Order Item G18 $22.00