Push-Button Mind Control 

Push-Button Mind Control 

by Dan Lee Dimke, Ph.D. 

At last, a MIND CONTROL SYSTEM so simple that you will completely understand it the first time you hear it. Dr. Dimke's  mind control system is also so easy that you will be able to begin using mind control immediately and continue using mind control for a lifetime without any special training or conditioning, or the need to purchase and use any complicated mind control equipment. This is devastatingly effective. Rediscover the deep sleep you experienced as a child. Develop a file cabinet memory. Apply incredible mind control methods to your brain for your own benefit. With Push-Button Mind Control learn to establish a pain barrier so formidable that a dentist's drill can't penetrate it. Push-Button Mind Control methods allow you to become irresistible to the opposite sex and elevate your sexual capacity to many times normal. Eradicate worries, fears, and anxieties with mind control from your life, permanently. And much more.....You can use the  PUSH-BUTTON MIND CONTROL system to unleash the latent mental powers within you. It's safe. It's simple. And it's super-effective. An audio-cassette presentation.  
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