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X-ray Factors 
"Mind Reading" Is An Acquirable Skill!   
by Dan Lee Dimke, Ph.D.  
The X-Ray Factors begin where everyday intuition leaves off, introducing you to a powerful collection of scientifically proven mind-probing and mind reading techniques. It is no accident that some of the most successful people on the planet have understood and used least a few of these mind reading techniques throughout history. Psychic ability, or knowledge of handwriting analysis, or even psycho-analysis is unnecessary to become incredibly proficient at sensing and mind reading 
the thoughts and feelings of other people. In fact, X-Ray Factors use none of these highly subjective, occult, or controversial methods. Instead, each factor is simple, objective, scientifically-proven mind reading technique that anyone can learn to use in a short time. No mystery; no magic; just clear, consistent, objective, breath-taking accuracy!  
A professional two audio cassette presentation. 

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